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AD Media Advertising Group was founded in 2005 to respond to to the demand for custom promotional activities. From the beginning, the group's goal was to provide full-service advertising, outstanding advertising clutter. For this purpose, three companies have been established, covering the main areas of promotion: creation, production and technology (the Internet). Thanks to the ongoing cooperation of entities, AD Media reaches unprecedented synergy effect - all actions taken by the creative company are always checked for production and technology. This resulted in the implementation of hundreds creative advertising campaigns across Europe, many of which have been adapted to other global markets. AD Media Group is an expert in the implementation of the craziest creative ideas, the effectiveness of which is legendary.


GMP Advertising

Creative agency, the source of all unusual ideas. Thanks to the perfectly defined creative process it is able to meet the most challenging and most demanding customers. It combines the strategic, creative and production expertise in order to provide realistic and effective advertising solutions.


INB Digital

Interactive agency that provides AD Media group with technological support. It creates pioneering solutions in the area of digital marketing, which brightest example is software Inbound Cloud. At the same time, it provides facilities for the atypical advertising productions.



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  • mbank
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  • opel
  • adidas
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  • mcdonalds
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  • statoil
  • nokia
  • mondelez
  • coca-cola
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  • pepsi
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